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Survive The Wicked Daily Jive

Person 1:

You wake up in the morning and realize your cornered in a whole world you've never seen before; You get your pants on and your foot out the door. left your suit at home with your girl in all her allure. A TV's on and you can see the window transparent, but it's still there. Finding yourself compelled to stare. Don't say you don't. We're passing by a street selling pairs of pears. You blink twice, now in a garden of fruits, four floors with nothing to lose. It's game night, but at least you have padding. A cyclops emitting light, a nurse who picked a fight "Come on sir take your pills!" everything turns to suede a hunger sets in as do the walls, suddenly your bed is made. Black&White with shades between. Older wiser, but weak in the knees. Not a wish, but a sentence. Not yours, but another name was signed. As sense grows the sun shines longer everyday. Finally permitted not to stay, here's your papers be on your way. Where to run to where to stay. What good are papers anyway. The end has came a gunshot wound in which you lay, couldn't there be some other way?

Person 2:

Turn the corner another life in the city it's escaped and gone to a better place some scream " go and get help!" then there's those who pick up their pace must have been static. Solid shot oh how the blood flowed. Old man freshly shaved dressed the part why did he think he had to go. Got up at seven. This was a new day. This was a new life. Unfolded his finest iron collared shirt with cuff links. It was was his only vice. His jacket and hat waited for him on his way out. The door led to what the past thirty years happened to do for him. The sky seemed smaller no one seemed to have a care. The side walk spawned it's own caught in the crossfire. Shouting of scrambled screeching car tires. The new generation turned out this way. He laid on their sidewalk looking at the sky being told it'd be okay. He paid close attention to eyes and the pitter patter of talk til they came and took him away as they zipped the bag up the sky went away,

Was this fate's way?

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