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spin dry

Mhmm, The clouds rollin' by,
Oh yeah, The tree's growin'high,
And iff you can't handle it,
Itt willl, Eat you alive.

Clutch kickin' switchin' gears hittin' that piff,
Blowin' past fears life's a copilot,
Watchin' the streets get more violent,
sunshinin' baskin' in ultraviolet,
Lost on the fray,
Biting my tongue, fillin' my lungs
Picture this cognitive highway,
Petal to the metal,soaring through the subconscious,
Days if immediate relief vs. long term pain,

navigating past relapse, opening up new lane
satellite eyes scanning brainwaves, Rapidly making movement,
Livin' in a manic state, Pitter patter of data cleared for landing,
saving care with planning, Pen tap tapping safety sakin'
Loose repenting lips quiver, Recycle bin, Clock hand ticks ripen,
Too Late, Whose late, Whose fate,
Cruise, Let loose,
listen to life it's gotta tune, Your mind's layin' a beat you gotta choose,
It' now or never,
so you better be a go-getter, Fuck the trendsetters,
Betcha Bottom dollar, ya dream's aren't farfetched, scheming a fresh catch,
Paranoia, Propaganda, Paraphernalia,
Letcha self pass the test, Don't be scared to make a mess,
It's best, It' the best for easy access,
Underground tunnels obscured by societies cities, ya with me?
Beautiful Destruction, life goes on surviving buildin' blocks of time,
Infiltrate, Freethinkers rise,
Abide by your alibi's, Vomitose, Anecdote, Overdose,
Few choose to live, Most choose to die,
Tuck in ya bedsheets, sinkin' into sleep with blind eyes,
Wake the fuck up, suckah!
Ya undercover, Life composed of historical white lies,
You gotta plant a seed, that'll spread like a weeds,
Invasive species step forward, take the lead,
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
We all have fires that itch to be lit,
We're behind enemy lines,Doin' time for our blind side,
Open up your eye to fundamental thoughts, now whose lackin' a backbone,
We're all national's who fought our on war's freein' ourselves watch us soar,

Big Brother's Reading us tales from their storybooks,
Who wrote these ill-conceived concepts, We're lettin'ourselves get into debt,
We're the government's pets awarded illusion treats tricked into thinkin' we're off our leash,

We all have personal quest's, so let's become veteran's,
so let' begin this epiphany,
Who's with me?

As always we're still swimming in a sea of individuality, unpredictability, and chance.
Getcha self up, Let's dance!
Have the last laugh, Lets dance!
Don't say ya can't, Let' Dance!
Leave the ghost's in the past!
It's ya last chance!

Mhmm, The cloud's rollin' by,
Oh yeahh, The tree's growin' high,
and ifff, you can't handle it,
It willl, Eat you alive.

so whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?
Whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?
Whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?

Don't get washed out and dragged down by the waves.

-Kevin O"


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Jan. 12th, 2011 02:18 pm (UTC)

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