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Fuzzy Logic, Its Groovy.

I got B sick. I got sick first started with an itchy throat and runny nose turning to a chillfest feverish game of taking the blanket on and off. I was delusional on Saturday and Sunday. I saw a liquid centipede the size of my fist in a doorway it was clear, but all it's features were all there as I walked through the door it splashed and disappeared. I swearr. Then at B's friend's grad party the tree's were colored like Italian flags and the hue's were glaring at me. I thought a dude carrying a case of bottled water was videotaping everyone with the huge studio size camera's ya know what kind I meann? There was a handicapped girl walking up to people at the party and putting her hands on their back. She touched my back when I was staring at some lasagna and It felt like a ghost had passed into my back a little, as if I wasn't really having contact with flesh; though I could tell I was being touched and I knew it was her. It was another confirmation in life that we are more then bodies, but traveling minds. I had been waiting for her to touch me at some point. When I turned to look her in the eyes there was a clash of spiritual energy. It was like our mind's made peace in the air. I accept everyone, but I felt her energy had questions for my being like she could feel my mind and understand that I perceive things differently then the next and she looked at me like she was thinking the same things about me as I was to her.
You know my fears. I have no doubt in myself. It's not like I'm Spencer Pratt. I will continue to bring you anything you want. Gala loves you. Rogue is just starting to stay still. What's funny is we're watching the HDTV FLAT, since when do we do this? We could watch that spaceship zoooom, but instead we're watching The hills these bitches are so fucking dumb. It's all good though. I watch. I love it when you rub your belly. September is right around the corner. I wish it was nice out. How do you get rid of a sore throat I haven't had one in hella long. I gotta go to wareham! I might stop by Brandon's without a warning. You better give me some quorn!
Theres nothing like nodding off to the sound of your babe's heartbeat. It lulls me in making me feel warm and relaxed. Skin is so soft calling me in closer. It's more natural then the heat generated by sheets. Her beauty glows from within, composed, striking. She's asleep. I can sit back and appreciate my attraction to her. She is my one and only.

I realized Im still alive!

Hello world!
I've been off and on, out and about, living life.
I have a girl, She glows with beauity. I find her energy inside myself.
The perfect reason to share a world together, unity. A bond so superior it
can handle any future.

I've been recording here and there.
I've got all sorts of media production going onn.

I'll be back more often.

In case you havent seen this.

Do that thang you do and get ready for a hardy laugh.

Can we have recess?

     Solitude stance on a balance beam, adapted with parallel light and audio spheres.  Blackboard rustic bones washed wisdom into the nonprofit direct earth source foundation. I got lost on a rapid river road. Tin can reality promotes false sold sanctity. The Mouth fed degree a breach in dreams. Suggestive poppy field moral opportunities. Spaces within public places like a B-side if your eye’s wide. A sporadic cannon ability decision suit. Public dean’s disorder intuition had drawn taut. Unknown entity radar homing sensation led a life media flash liability bulb burst.


The time is now 11:51 and the homework  in the class that I hadn't gone to is not finished. Queers, paranormal and a slight herbal green blend together a feasible quise. The news is buzzing so loud increasing daily. We need a substitute. The world around you slips and chokes in ways you cannot see.  Pace provides years impending order for the cycles to the worlds new order.  Air inside trapped doors gather and mystify. A cosmos obscured with blinks of an eye. Two breathes in and out with a lie. They' re shipping overseas. A white fist sunset and dashing rain cause doubles the effect of  an mankind overdose. Link to the key shackled with a hole through DNA.  The border of proximity is area  a plane? Street dead cold ice stare. Dont you forget your soda pop poppa millionaire. Follow your attention forbidden anywhere. strike, you're ouutta here. Remote spasm child falls isolate with the rest of silhouettes.

Lets get some sleep!

Monday morning meanders my way.

An iced caramel swirl latte later and I find myself at my work actually on time for once in about 2 months. Today at work a man who appeared as ordinary as can be rolled up to the boy on carriages. Engaging in conversion he told him he was from the cape and didnt know his way around. After being told Taunton was a stones throw away, Middleboro was right up the street, as well as Bridgewater and that he was in Raynham. The man in the SUV bluntly asked the boy " Where can I find a hooker. Where can I find a good blowjob?" ..."well the taunton greens right up there" The boy pointed the way to the obvious response. I would of told him the Comfort Station, a rectangular building off the green. There is a bar right next to it and across the street. Just within sight of these horny drunk fools. Hookers. You have to be direct while trying to help a brother out. I don't know whats worse payin for sex or payin outrageous gas prices to go seek unpromised sex for sale.

One of the things I love about havin a job is interaction with the public, seriously. There's always something new bound to happen. You have to be on your toes.

Why are they called Jet-puffed?

The forest is well. I made a visit to the aged clearing today. Whom is grown in and it wears it well. I met a tree I've never seen before in plain sight. Its been quite a while, possibly eight months. Last spring I had written  the following after leaving the place.

Habit,  turned routine,  grown accustomed too,  now its necessary.
Flowers in bloom, yet they grow withered.
The cycle circles everlasting. 
Sun comes up, Sun goes down.
I see all of this in its entirety.
Marvel once, frown in intervals,
Its appreciated the sunset sunrise.

...and it still holds true today.