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spin dry

Mhmm, The clouds rollin' by,
Oh yeah, The tree's growin'high,
And iff you can't handle it,
Itt willl, Eat you alive.

Clutch kickin' switchin' gears hittin' that piff,
Blowin' past fears life's a copilot,
Watchin' the streets get more violent,
sunshinin' baskin' in ultraviolet,
Lost on the fray,
Biting my tongue, fillin' my lungs
Picture this cognitive highway,
Petal to the metal,soaring through the subconscious,
Days if immediate relief vs. long term pain,

navigating past relapse, opening up new lane
satellite eyes scanning brainwaves, Rapidly making movement,
Livin' in a manic state, Pitter patter of data cleared for landing,
saving care with planning, Pen tap tapping safety sakin'
Loose repenting lips quiver, Recycle bin, Clock hand ticks ripen,
Too Late, Whose late, Whose fate,
Cruise, Let loose,
listen to life it's gotta tune, Your mind's layin' a beat you gotta choose,
It' now or never,
so you better be a go-getter, Fuck the trendsetters,
Betcha Bottom dollar, ya dream's aren't farfetched, scheming a fresh catch,
Paranoia, Propaganda, Paraphernalia,
Letcha self pass the test, Don't be scared to make a mess,
It's best, It' the best for easy access,
Underground tunnels obscured by societies cities, ya with me?
Beautiful Destruction, life goes on surviving buildin' blocks of time,
Infiltrate, Freethinkers rise,
Abide by your alibi's, Vomitose, Anecdote, Overdose,
Few choose to live, Most choose to die,
Tuck in ya bedsheets, sinkin' into sleep with blind eyes,
Wake the fuck up, suckah!
Ya undercover, Life composed of historical white lies,
You gotta plant a seed, that'll spread like a weeds,
Invasive species step forward, take the lead,
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
We all have fires that itch to be lit,
We're behind enemy lines,Doin' time for our blind side,
Open up your eye to fundamental thoughts, now whose lackin' a backbone,
We're all national's who fought our on war's freein' ourselves watch us soar,

Big Brother's Reading us tales from their storybooks,
Who wrote these ill-conceived concepts, We're lettin'ourselves get into debt,
We're the government's pets awarded illusion treats tricked into thinkin' we're off our leash,

We all have personal quest's, so let's become veteran's,
so let' begin this epiphany,
Who's with me?

As always we're still swimming in a sea of individuality, unpredictability, and chance.
Getcha self up, Let's dance!
Have the last laugh, Lets dance!
Don't say ya can't, Let' Dance!
Leave the ghost's in the past!
It's ya last chance!

Mhmm, The cloud's rollin' by,
Oh yeahh, The tree's growin' high,
and ifff, you can't handle it,
It willl, Eat you alive.

so whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?
Whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?
Whatcha gonna do, Who we gonna save?

Don't get washed out and dragged down by the waves.

-Kevin O"


Panorama lost in viewfinders camera's shots,
Pandora's cough exhales my brain waves,
By the way, How are you today?
Tonight you say take off,
I'm already in flight.

Two bird's in space few words can pace or make the future get-go plan,
Safety sake is cute for letting flow's do what they can do best,
They let me off my leash, but I'm still in check.

I'm going for your queen, you got my knight,
flow like chess and you never make a mess unless
Game's over like covert ops, Stalemate?
Let's go getta soda pop, I wanna lung crisp harsh enough to make me cough.
Cottonmouth kicked in finish every drop.

They said green means go, I said I'd start recycling.
Red Scares and a Missile Crisis.
Superstition??? Which one's fiction?

I'd say man parachutes out ploppin on your land,
and you say you dont understand a thing about popular demand,
Damn, pop pop ya stare as you pay your media frenzied taxi cab fare,

All this shit is happenin' Time to have fun,
Turnin' up the radio blowin' through our funds,
If one thing changed it aint done, turn up the heat.
Bring it to a boil. Put in ya blood sweat tears and toil.

Gun Turret Tourrette's, you give what ya get
Keep ya ass in line and your head in check

To fathom a bittersweet galaxy made of thoughts for you and me swimmin' through sea's of unpredictability creating melodies called chance!

Survive The Wicked Daily Jive

Person 1:

You wake up in the morning and realize your cornered in a whole world you've never seen before; You get your pants on and your foot out the door. left your suit at home with your girl in all her allure. A TV's on and you can see the window transparent, but it's still there. Finding yourself compelled to stare. Don't say you don't. We're passing by a street selling pairs of pears. You blink twice, now in a garden of fruits, four floors with nothing to lose. It's game night, but at least you have padding. A cyclops emitting light, a nurse who picked a fight "Come on sir take your pills!" everything turns to suede a hunger sets in as do the walls, suddenly your bed is made. Black&White with shades between. Older wiser, but weak in the knees. Not a wish, but a sentence. Not yours, but another name was signed. As sense grows the sun shines longer everyday. Finally permitted not to stay, here's your papers be on your way. Where to run to where to stay. What good are papers anyway. The end has came a gunshot wound in which you lay, couldn't there be some other way?

Person 2:

Turn the corner another life in the city it's escaped and gone to a better place some scream " go and get help!" then there's those who pick up their pace must have been static. Solid shot oh how the blood flowed. Old man freshly shaved dressed the part why did he think he had to go. Got up at seven. This was a new day. This was a new life. Unfolded his finest iron collared shirt with cuff links. It was was his only vice. His jacket and hat waited for him on his way out. The door led to what the past thirty years happened to do for him. The sky seemed smaller no one seemed to have a care. The side walk spawned it's own caught in the crossfire. Shouting of scrambled screeching car tires. The new generation turned out this way. He laid on their sidewalk looking at the sky being told it'd be okay. He paid close attention to eyes and the pitter patter of talk til they came and took him away as they zipped the bag up the sky went away,

Was this fate's way?
My mother: I went to the bar there was people doing teriyaki!
Me: Karaoke?
My Mother: yeahh?

This is existential fiction.

Ever heard the story of Baby Busta Burroughs? As a shorty playing in the front yard of the crib, Fell down, and I bumped my head. Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head I said "Yeah, I had my first whirlwind of backwards VCR memory lane". I saw my own conception. Turns out I was a product of a gang bang. My mother was Susan Denise Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz. The divine follower of Charlie, you knoww good old Charles Manson. She was the apple of his eye, his prized killer. The night I happened to see inside this time capsule reflection was the night Lotsapoppa threw a big drug party bash. I watched as she was introduced to my fathers, William S. Burroughs and Busta Rhymes. Mother said "That if I ain't gonna be part of the greatest I gotta be the greatest myself". Unknown to science and free of fertility drugs Burroughs and Busta's sperm fused together that night penetrating Sadie's egg and no, there wasn't twins. Just a superhuman Genome. Lotsapoppa got shot after Charlie had an argument over sales. I was blasted back into the future. "In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen".

I gotta bone to pick; a bowl to pack, hot grease and grits to slap...on the griddle. Now riddle me this, the age old question, the energy is infinite when I wake up I will be a different version of myself. Back to the riddle with this in mind.

How am I not myself? Can you answer yourself this?
"How am I not myself?"

Not I just you, but it takes two for fangs to grow fast like leeches or beaches of lost thoughts; ramble free as kites when I was young I had dreams high as satellites.

Of or relating to a construction or part of a construction that indicates existence, as the words "there is" in the sentence.


I'm at the Doctor's. It is ten AM. I am right on time for somethingg for the first tiime in like months. The nurse asks me about life, oh blah blah blah shooting the shit to pass the time talk. As she take's my pulse she stops talking. I can't hear it? I laugh. She asks does that happen a lot. I laugh again and tell her how my friend has tachycardia and is always checking his heart,So I let him feel my chest, neck & wrist to tell him it's better to have a fast pulse then no pulse at all & it always freaks him out & he say's "you're dead!"

so the doctor comes in,
He see's that I'm taking Trazodone & Ativan for Insomnia, I tell him I do Construction & Landscaping. The more I work the more awake throughout the day. That is doesn't exhaust me, only if I work less do I find myself tired. It's like my adrenaline keeps me moving. When I try to sleep I lay there for an hour or so, to wake up around 3 or four to wait another hour to sleep for another couple hours. I twitch if I keep still. Ask my girlfriend, always movingg. Always thinking too. He looked at me like I was inhuman with his head cocked to the side. He said you appear strong & healthy. I tell him I feel healthy. ohh, what is it to be young he justifies as he awkwardly leaves the room.

There's a wonderful start to my day, I always feel like an Alien at every single appointment ever! Neurologist's couldn't figure it out, Speech Specialists said I'm wired realll fucked up & tried to reprogram my brain, Shrink's wanted to drug me, Therapist's too. The hearing people at least could tell me I had 115% hearing where most people are below 100%, how I have a form of Auditory Processing Disorder which sparks like mad cinematic scenes in my head, but what can you do for that. I could of told them that. I don't wanna change. I just wanna be able to function, drive right, work right, to be accepted not brought down to your medical standards. On another hand if you're not with me throughout the day you wouldn't understand what I'm getting at you must observe my true nature's, So how do they make a living on assumptions?

I see how society has become it's pandemic cancer swine flu crazed plague, it's not the T-Virus, it's the AMA. Don't let me rant, Don't let the rhymes, no not yet. END IT.

Reminder to self:

Get debit card,
buy Brittany:
Pants,a shirt, and shoes off Charlotte Russe,
reservations for dinner,
tickets for entertainment,
a book or magazine and a movie for at home;

and have it delivered on appropriate days of the week.

I want to want you to watch Martyrs and I Heart Huckabees!
and spun again. Can we watch Winnie the Pooh, please.
Oh fluff n' stuff, You gotta watch Transporter 3 with me.

I can't wait for you to get out of the shower. I love you Princess Pie Suggar Sunnshine Water Droplet :]

"Stupid Child Proof Lighters"

Today I laid in bed all day with Brittany literally except for a few minutes when we went to Market Basket and bought stuff so we could make Shells and Cheez wiz. I guess I forgot to pump my tire up when before I left so when we came back he was on the prowl for me. He couldn't understand how I forgot when he told me twice today. lol. So I fill it up and loosened my valve stem which pissed him off. He also said I used the wrong piece to attach to the compressor. He said he always used the same one for yearrss but it was brand new like a year old. The one I always used was a longer on with no latch, so I know I'm not the one wrong. I calmly dismiss him telling him to calm down. It's not like he never forgets shit. I come in and make Brittany and me food and when I drained the shells I dripped water all on the floor just a little droplet path. My dad walked in and told me to think of what I was doing and to lay off the drugs cause I got a little pasta water on the floor. I told him to shush cause he was mad at the truck or something and now he was yelling about water on the floor. He is ridiculous and every day he gets more and more senile I swear! He then went on to yell about how I thought the cap on your car tires was to prevent air from leaking out where they are really just to keep dirt from going into your tire, like I knew anything about that. I asked what did you do just fall out of the womb knowing everything he replied I taught myself everything. I said I didn't take that path sorry and peaced. He stormed off probably to either a Chinese restaurant or Escapades, I can make bets probably on it.

Happy Fatherrrss Dayyy. I am having a blast Brittany and me are having a blast hanging outt. We're looking to go camping in like New Hampshire or something. I always leave KGO<3BMR places. I did it so perfect in the tree at our campsite in Carver. It was brilliant. Too bad niether of us can drink this summer.

There is water at the bottom of the ocean!

Chelsey Lately is ridiculous!